About One Voice



One Voice Christian Vocal Ensemble was founded in September, 1991 by David F. Pressau, Minister of Music for Grace Anglican Church in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Through his work at the church and as a music and theatre educator, David had the opportunity to meet a number of Christian vocalists who were seeking new ways of using their talents to glorify the Lord. For several years, David organized the vocalists into mass choirs to present Lenten cantatas and other special programs.

From those beginnings, David was led to pursue the formation of a permanent multi-denominational ensemble tasked with spreading the word of God's love through a ministry of music. Thus, One Voice was created.


Our Present

The One Voice ensemble presents two concerts annually—one during the Lenten season and another during the Advent season.  The musical offerings in each concert vary from season to season and year to year. The music represents a wide variety of styles from classical to contemporary, and the concerts are presented with Scripture passages and dramatic narration interspersed throughout the musical presentation.

One Voice performs each concert several times through the Lenten and Advent seasons, ministering at churches of all denominations and sizes throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. One Voice is always open and willing to share our ministry at new churches upon request.


 Our Future

We are thrilled to be celebrating our Twenty-Seventh season. As the Lord continues to bless us, we will continue to bless Him. Each season has brought new members into our group and new churches where we are able to perform our concerts, and we are always seeking continued growth of our numbers and new and varied opportunities to share the Word through our music. We look forward to the continued opportunity to share the story of God’s love and forgiveness.


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