The Ensemble

Humorous One Voice Ensemble Photo


The One Voice ensemble is truly a family of faith, bound by our love for—and the love of—Jesus Christ. Volunteering our time and talents to minister together in song, our ensemble prepares both musically and spiritually for the worship experience we present during the Advent and Lenten seasons each year. Bringing our special blend of music, Scripture and narration to churches through the Pittsburgh area, our hard work is well rewarded as Ensemble photo of singerwe reap countless blessings during our performances and our fellowship with those who come to join us in our presentation of the Gospel through song.

TimThe ensemble members are a study in diversity: we have teenagers, 30-somethings, more "seasoned" citizens, and every age in between. We are civil servants and seamstresses, teachers and bankers, dancers and writers. We are different races, from different parts of the country and attend churches of a dozen different denominations. The common bond we share is Jesus and our desire to spread the message of His glorious salvation by using the talents with which we have been blessed.


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